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moneycorp - exchange experts
moneycorp - exchange experts

International Payments

Make payments quickly at your convenience, either online or over the phone. Enjoy free expert guidance from a dedicated account manager.

Foreign Exchange

Lock into an exchange rate for up to two years. It enables you to protect against adverse rate movements, or fix a rate that’s particularly favorable.

Secure Currency Accounts

moneycorp safeguards your funds in segregated, client accounts. This means your funds are kept separate from our business account and will only be used for your payment.

Spot Contracts

Spot contracts are useful if you need to purchase currency and make a payment quickly.


Forward Contracts

This type of contract allows you to fix an exchange rate and apply it to a transfer you are planning to make up to two years in advance. This will enable you to lock into prevailing rates and can protect you from subsequent foreign exchange fluctuations.

Track a Rate

Once you have a moneycorp account, you can sign-up to receive an alert via email or SMS for when a currency reaches your chosen rate.

Multiple Currency Accounts

You can hold funds in over 30 currencies on moneycorp Online (MCOL). You have the capability to easily move funds between accounts with no holding fee and instant access to the accounts with real-time balances.

Bulk Payments & Innovative Payment Tracking

MCOL offers you the facility to upload various types of payment files from your accounts package. Your beneficiaries can receive an email once you
have sent their payment. moneycorp will send a ‘proof of payment’ when the payment has been sent in either a SWIFT format or a simple confirmation format.

Personalised Reporting Suite

MCOL provides you with real time access to view your transaction history enabling you to tailor your reports and export to excel or PDF for reconciliation. Users also have the ability to view historic rates and look at currency trends.

To find out more about our foreign exchange services for your business, please contact us.

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